French Revolution

We know that to be mother it is to dedicate itself unconditionally to the children for a life measures, but nor always it was thus, valley to remember a bit on the slight knowledge of maternity throughout history. In the antiquity, mainly in the great cities as Rome and Atenas the woman, considered as to be unfinished and incapable, after the period of breast-feeding was separate of the son? that she received education far from the maternal cares. In century 17, in the European aristocracy, the mothers ordered its children for love of milk and the relations between parents and children were not lead by ternura ideals and privacy, for the opposite, many aristocrats saw the children as estorvos. In century 18, the French Revolution nailed to the equality of rights for both the sexos and the women had started movements in search of a new space? with this the children started to represent a threat so dreamed feminine freedom and the taxes of infantile mortality had become highest? being necessary an intense social work so that the women started to give greater attention to the maternity. From century 20, the engaged woman already in the world of the work if comes across with a difficult situation in which she needs to opt between the maternity and the continuity of the professional life.

The option maternity implies in assuming all the pleasures of the accompaniment and the education of the son? abandoning the professional activities soon after the ending of the license maternity (in some cases already during the pregnancy) and thus remaining for a period of indeterminate time. In principle, the mother affirms that he will be in house taking care of of the son until the ending of breast-feeding. Goop: the source for more info. Later, this period she is extended for the firmamento of the first steps, being that later if she extends until knowing to speak and to express itself with clarity and thus goes until the son reaches the pertaining to school age? so that then it can dedicate a work to it of part-time and that she does not harm the daily routine.