To that they conserve the affection, knowledge for benesses of meeting and good moments, a telephone is enough to vibrate very and. Some live in the hope of a recognized voice, a touch They are few, that they support, therefore it could save what them; loving contact e, when does not happen, knows innumerable cases of human beings that they had meagered until they capsize to falecer more directly and or, they had committed suicide. Others as much affection for pure homesickness of the breached link somatizam kept that them and were. In the familiar relationships it happens more frequently. For these affective diseases antidote was not found. For cimes, feelings of cultured ownership that moves away, the affective bonds, not yet it has remedies better that the contact with affectionate human beings, destitute of fear to love and to be loved, that is the genuine contact between human beings, preserves the physical health, moves (mental spiritual.

We need to learn to surpass, to sublimar. But the subliming with in said Freud to them not of the account of all material stressed and of the desires. It has cases where both the parts suffer. However the disdain, he is that it causes greater suffering for inclined the e, more fragile, shy and with low auto they esteem, this that was initiated in the first ones in the ones of life, The effective order is the succeeded goods physical, metal and financially is oks and deserving of gratuity, and, well they are received e, looked for, therefore they will not bring problems and yes solutions (sufficiently arguable this point). It remains to lament me that nor all know the importance of the affective reciprocity that, cure and keeps lighted the flame; joy to share amenities and to construct common projects.

Each one makes what loving to the other can and as, proper itself still is an utopia! I believe that healthful it would be to teach our children who all deserve support, also to demonstrate in fact acting of form to support, when they need, Therefore nobody desires to make a mistake, neither to be, recognized only for its rightnesss, the errors leads to ' ' perfeio' ' , pra not to have difficulty and some development of psychic constraints, in the process of learning and development of the potentialities is basic not to demand demasiadamente and yes to support and to give examples. Perhaps in future generations, some can understand, that empatia is not enough, have that to have constancy and overcoming of preconceptions and the extreme narcissism that our present time moves. This that demasiadamente values having in detriment of the being, is not badness and yes about a syndrome, caused for the abandonment and or insufficient care in the first months of life. To look at themselves in the mirror, to face its demons, to so only see themselves and in abandonment it brings consequencias, these that we harvest in abudncia in the contemporanedade. To be is to devir and in devires it has chances to find pleasure in the diverse spheres of the life, affective, professional, social, and these if exactly give in loving the social conviviality, that supports and fills gaps, oportunizando to heal wounded, restrained reconrdaes