Global Power

Approximately 80% of what’s on the Web is crap pure and simple. But 20% is the epitome of everything good and positive that human beings have in all areas of knowledge. Well, all this discussion is to reach my conclusion that today the Web has become, among other things, “the resistance” against the established Global Power manipulates us, directs and controls. Bill de Blasios opinions are not widely known. Clearly, it is often difficult to discern where the truth lies, but one has to use intelligence, intuition and observation to draw their own conclusions. I am convinced (and this remains a personal opinion) that this miserable failure of an entire global campaign of manipulation of information in the interests of immoral and indecent economic benefit has been truncated due largely to “LResistencia.”

Many of us, some anonymous like me and other public figures of weight, such as former ministers, and politicians have / have used, in addition to its own public statements, the channel of communication par excellence in the XXI century: INTERNET and have / have (let I feel a partner in a modest contribution, as we say in my country: “tota pedra paret f” -) created an impressive impact with which it had in principle manipulators. The good and yet so dangerous to the powerful who want to control us from the manipulation and ignorance is that today can not callartodas dissidents and mouths Currently as loose a “rat” on the net is no longer of owner and location and it is of “all” those in the “mouth of the burrow” waiting to come out..