God Maturity

As well as a ripe Apple is “more Apple”, so a person is more human when it reaches maturity. But unlike what happens with the apples and the other creatures, man is able to reflect on their nature and freely choose between living or not in accordance with what should be a human being. Thus, the maturity consists in conformity between how we live and our true nature. Among other things, this implies accepting the own State of life and be consistent. A mature married person lives according to the nature of the marriage State; It does not behave as if outside maiden – conducting an active social life more, staying at work until wee hours of the night, traveling when you think of-. From the wedding, habits and hobbies, their relationships with others and the use of their free time will have to abide by the commitment it has freely assumed before God, to others and himself. The opposite would be living in the lie: to say that he is married but behave like a single. Maturity means accepting the joys and the difficulties involving the own decisions, as do husbands on their wedding day: “in prosperity and adversity, in the wealth and poverty, in health and in disease, until death do us part ‘.

Mature people are able to commit themselves without fear, because they are claiming themselves and not slaves of the changeable circumstances. Catholic.NET tells us, that human maturity consists of consistency between what is and what is professed, and has its most convincing external expression in fidelity and responsibility in compliance with the commitments and duties incurred with God, the Church and with men. For this purpose it is necessary to make a constant effort to achieve the ability to make prudent decisions and definitive choices, the stability of spirit, the serene integration of emotional forces and feelings under the rule of reason and the will, faith and charity, the attitude of openness and constant donation to othersno exception of persons, and righteousness in the way to judge about the people and events of life.