Great Prize

There it does not wait the reader for an outcome to ' ' scene of blood in a bar in the avenue Is Joo' '. Not. The agility of the script and the urgency of the food in the table will not give space for folhetim. The destination to the times is of a surprising praticidade. In one to blink of eyes it goes to find the woman number two of the Saga, Misty Upham, a Mohawk mestizo, and meetings will give try to a stranger gain bread. Melissa Leo, virginiana born in Manhattan in 1960, has extensive resume of cinema and TV, these of much drudgery and little glory. In the cinema since 85, it was coadjuvante in ' ' 21 gramas' ' in ' ' The two faces of lei' ' , in a total of 60 films.

In the TV it was in almost 20 series, such which ' ' Veronica Mars' ' , ' ' CSI' ' , ' ' Law & Order' ' , ' ' The L Word' ' , ' ' Cold Case' ' of – it etc. That is, the face known still without name of a worker of the spectacle. ' ' Frozen River ' ' , in case that you give luck to find it in some landlord, it is a film of circuit of festivals: Los Angeles Film Festival, American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, Edinburgh International Festival, more etc. did not stop there. ' ' Frozen ' ' it granted to the Melissa Leo the searchlight deserved in 2008, with the indication to the Oscar of Better Actress. Which is the Saga of the two, in the perpetual winter of the region, in a shortage to make taste to that little innocence has everything in the life? It only can be the contravention. that delict would be this? Banal swims neither fantasioso, a time come of a civil Doctor of Laws and cineasta that it made right the hand.

In this point, it can bet that I am not who I am affirming. The certified one now is in charge of the Great Prize of the Jury in the Sundance Film Festival. ' ' Frozen River ' ' it took film better, in an evaluation that already has insofismvel tradition in giving to Cesar what it is of Cesar. Perceive how much you now you are invoicing with cinco?