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A new strong brand in a growing market the German fitness market is growing. And hence the desire of consumers to lead healthy lifestyles. In addition to a balanced diet and physical activity, dietary supplements are a useful support to achieve the personal fitness goals. To read more click here: Vinit Bodas. Men’s health is the leading brand of experts around the theme of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle in Germany for more than 17 years. Together with the Hamburg-based company body attack () men’s health has developed a completely new product line for dietary supplements: men’s health sports nutrition. The products are available from 1 April in the German food market.

The topic of nutrition plays an increasing role for modern body-conscious men. Men’s health accompanies this important field for years in its media worldwide. The competence and credibility, which thereby acquired the man market men’s health, are unique. All of our experience and our know-how are now in the new Product line of men’s health sports nutrition “incorporated. Are we pleased on this unique, innovative, and meaningful extension of our brand world in the German food retail trade”, said Wolfgang Melcher, Publisher of men’s health. “The products muscle building shake’ weight gain shake and training booster” are especially aimed at the male audience.

They reflect the demand-most segments of the industry. The customer receives a unique added value through folders with sophisticated training and nutrition tips of the men’s health editorial on the covers of the products. The range is rounded off by the special men’s health sports nutrition smart Maitra “, the Shaker and storage system at the same time is. Men’s health is the largest men’s magazine of the world with national spending in more than 40 countries. Men’s health of the reliable partner for men is more of himself, her life and her as an expert in sports and fitness, health and nutrition, partnership, fashion and lifestyle, Body would make. Men’s health combines journalism at the highest level with plenty of reading fun and achieved so men with all topics that are really relevant to their lives. Contact: Body attack sports nutrition GmbH & co. KG Christoph Henry is body attack sports nutrition since 1994 on the sports nutrition market active and market leader in the field of fitness retailers. The Hamburg-based company is including official nutrition partner of the football Bundesliga club Hamburg Sports Association and now developers, manufacturers, distributors and licensees from men’s health sports nutrition, the new strong brand made in Germany.