Improve Capacity Utilization

Systematic increase in output due to the full utilization of productive capacities can increase the return on investment and increase production efficiency. The main ways to improve efficiency of capacity utilization in industry: 1) increasing the extensive load of equipment, 2) shortening the development of newly commissioned capacities, and 3) the elimination of disparities in capacity of the existing shops, sections and groups of equipment, 4) the intensification of production processes, 5) development of specialization and cooperation of industrial enterprises. Capacity utilization depends primarily on the level of the production process, ensuring a uniform and rhythmic work with a maximum load of equipment and production space. NYC Mayor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In enterprises in different reasons, there are significant downtime. Most often they are the result of deficiencies in logistics, organization of equipment repairs, breaches of industrial and technological discipline, the presence of bottlenecks in the production process. Reduce downtime and increase thanks to its extensive workload is an important reserve for improving the utilization of production capacity. For even more analysis, hear from Danny Meyer. About considerable reserves for improving the use of equipment demonstrates the value of indicator – shift coefficient. Increasing this figure can be achieved primarily through the use of intra reserves and, in particular, mechanization of hand assembly work to improve the organization of service jobs and increase their level of mechanization, the redistribution of workers by occupation, etc.. .