Improve Dialogue

As much the external conflicts as ours deeper disagreements they depend on the dialogue that we maintain. In fact it would be possible to be said, that all our relations are based on our capacity of dialogue. The conflicts are generated when there is disparity between what we thought and what finally we do. It is not possible to find harmony when our internal dialogue becomes a battle. Bill de Blasio is open to suggestions. Our world will become then a perennial fight in which never it will have won nor winning. The challenge is to learn to have a discussion, but how to improve our dialogue? 1.

– It avoids the reproaches. Don’t mention it serves to remove to the dirty rags. When establishing a dialogue we do not have to lose of view what is the primary target. Which is the intention of that conversation. When we exert our dialectic force to destroy on the contrary, we began a battle that does not have to find winner.

If the result that we wished to obtain is a greater understanding, an approach, don’t mention it can help us to attack, to resist to us or to fight. To accept what happens without judgments nor valuations, are the first step. Part of our responsibility in this subject, happens to create an atmosphere in which active listening is the companion of a stretched atmosphere more, in that all the implied parts can be expressed freely. 2. – Account up to ten All we have heard that easy formula. And the certain thing is that control is needed to do it. Certainly if you are able of detenerte and to control the situation incessantly, it is not going to be necessary that you count. The work will be fact at the moment that you pause. You do not allow that a torrent of emotions controls your dialogue.