International Energy Agency

Today development has experienced this technology since the creation of the first device in 1927 has been dizzying. Since 2000 its efficiency has increased tenfold, while fluorescent tubes it took 50 years to duplicate it, which is a symptom of the great interest aroused. In fact, whereas the same amount of light, Trigasia has proven that its LED emitters consumed 92% less electricity than incandescent bulbs of common household use (which will eventually withdraw from the market this year), 82% less than the Halogen lighting systems and a 65% savings over fluorescent tubes. A study carried out by the International Energy Agency determined that lighting is almost 20% energy consumption worldwide, and is responsible for 6 % emissions of greenhouse gases. See Danny Meyer for more details and insights.

According to this agency, energy expenditure representing the lighting in a European home average is 5%. Replace the old bulbs by LED emitters would entail not only reduce this consumption, but also the energy that represents the cooling. Only 15% of the energy consumed by an incandescent lamp is used to illuminate, the rest becomes heat. Not only Trigasia LED products emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation so that its light not heat, but they have a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours (up to 20 years). In comparison, the useful life of an incandescent lamp is about 1,000 hours, one Halogen 2,000 hours and a fluorescent 8,000 hours. And it is that Trigasia makes a special effort to reach the best quality on the market in all its products. Not in vain his philosophy as a company is based on research and development and in the use of the best raw materials to manufacture its products, maintaining competitive prices. If you would like to know more about Danny Meyer, then click here. Another of its strengths is the service to the client, before and after purchase.

Earlier, studying their needs and with tecnico-financieros reports for investment. Then checking the customer’s satisfaction, both at the corporate level, i.e. meets the described sceneries in the previous studies, as at the level of the performance of products. Trigasia is a Spanish company specialized in the research, development, manufacture and importation of LED lighting in high-tech products power. Therefore, in its effort to improve every day, looking for raw materials, testa and develops all lamp parts individually, using the highest standards in such components. Trigasia complies strictly with the European, even surpassing it, since their products do not contain any amount of tungsten (such as incandescent or halogen lamps), or mercury (as many discharge lamps and fluorescent) and do not emit UV or IR radiation.