Internet is this great place which are wonders, money, fame, financial freedom, but is close to your goals? The Internet could be a great entertainment, a waste of time, but we are here for a satisfying experience. We spent hours on the Internet, but for those who wish to work in Internet, generate income, pay attention to everything that brings us the Internet could be harmful. We cannot deny that for many Internet becomes a bad experience, especially if they come with the false hope of easy money. A bad experience on the Internet alters our emotional state, I could make us hate Internet, I’m not getting what I want, nothing can bother us more than anything that disturbs our mental balance. Many ask me but how? I transfer the question a player of football, how to do to make money just by running after a ball? It is wonderful to see a goal, how much will be practiced? Then earn money, either as a footballer or in Internet only tries to dominate the Tools, in football the ball and online communication tools: blog, video, newsletter, podcast, etc. To some possibly identify that it is doing on the Internet have some difficulty, but this before our eyes. This article that you read me allowed reaching you, do a few more I can get writing, writing in a blog more? We also have social networks, and it is only emphasize our social personality, once again dominate a communication tool.