Kitara Digital

5 Amplifier Kemper of profiles: time will tell how well is the amplifier’s profiles Kemper, in terms of innovation. This device is committed to learn the behavior of any amplifier sound and reproduce it accurately. 4 Boss RC-30: This update for RC-20XL is a matter of double track that joins the recording of music and up to three hours of storage of loop. There is also the phase characteristic of double loop which allows touching two loops in stereo in synchrony with other sounds, effects in real time and 99 memories of loop. 3. Vox Dynamic Looper: pedalboard of high performance that allows guitarists stacked up to an infinite number of layers in two independent loops (which can have a combined length of up to 90 seconds). There is an option of loop quantization, multiple effects, resampling and an additional microphone input so that you can Add voices in the mix.

2 Roland GR-55: The GR-55 offers the combination of two motors of sound of synthesizer, a design dedicated to different models of instruments, an amplifier and a multi-effects processor. This is a comprehensive solution. 1 Mass Digital Kitara: Mass Kitara Digital guitar. Mass Digital is a company that is trying to reinvent the guitar, and that’s aim with the Kitara. It has frets, so guitarists should be able to play it fairly quickly, but there are no strings for the right hand is left free to play guitar on a touch screen.