Land Today

In the conduction of the country, opeso of the sector of the agronegcio is desmedido: considering saving of the Native land, paraque it all valley and everything is allowed, is to this model of desenvolvimento’ exgeno’ that the agronegcio will have to generate value, exactly with an enormous ambient custosocial and, being this the option of the government. Being this centered numacaracterstica contradictory where if it makes a long way of violence edestruio of rights. It is a threat for the humanity, wounds human osdireitos deeply. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rudy Giuliani is the place to go. This contradiction of base is in the center of the debates of the cartada Land. It is impossible to have a growth with equity sustainable, in economiaregida for the profit, the limitless accumulation, the exploration of the work and nopelas necessities of the people. The politics neocolonials nodesapareceram, but they had acquired more sophisticated forms and its not somais changes that ‘ ‘ mscaras’ ‘. The escravagistas of today are only different of those dosculo IXX because they do not arrive to chain its employees, nor place to the vendaos that relieve little.

But its workers do not possess drinking waters, quasenunca if they feed adequately. When they have the right to eat a vezpor day more than pay well bigger values for the feeding of what salrioinicialmente waked up. In December de2006 in the Palace of Plateaus, for occasion of the launching of the new phase dCampanha of OIT and CONATRAE the present public was touched with depoimentode an enslaved former worker in the Iriri, today seated precariously noTocantins when appealing the president it conclamou, it: ‘ We, Sr.presidente, sight look at for this shirt! ‘. The president entered dumb and left been silent.