Latin America

The FSM, is conducted by a letter of principles, whose objective, as is to guide the continuity of this initiative. The principles that contain, consolidate the decisions that had presided over the accomplishment of frum of Porto Alegre and had assured its success, and extend its reach, defining orientaes that elapse of the logic of these decisions. According to Whitaker, Tanaka and Sampaio (2005, P. 27), the letter of Principles of the World-wide Forum Social constitutes the basic document of the World-wide Forum Social, which must mention to all the social forums that if it intends to organize, integrated to its proposal, in any level. The task the one that if considers the participants of the FSM, never was so urgent and vital, and it never had in the history of the humanity a so alarming situation as the one that we live today. Therefore, the man, only arrived to have certainty that the degradation of the environment and its style of life was so destructive the point to create the possibility to extinguish the life very human being recently. The presented proposals and ways will only prosper if all to be acquired knowledge, in contrast of the mentality that brought in them until the current situation, and that strangely still it finds followers fervorosos, whom they act as a lawyer, accept, comungam, tolerate and collaborate so that the humanity more quickly walks each time for the end. In few years, one initiated a cycle of history, repleto of changes, new social, economic perspectives, cultural politics and.

Exactly what it did not suffer fort I shake, already is not as before. The relations in the game of the force are modified in the whole world. Not only in the European east, Soviet union, Europe and United States, of course more reached, as well as in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, in all the cantos of the world have repercussions more or less notables of the historical rupture.