Latin American Model

The 4 of July are the anniversary of the USA and also of the natalicio of the Colombian president. For this date both received like birthday gift the success of the operative one that has struck more to the greater South American guerrilla in its history. However, one week before Gordon Brown fulfilled the 27 of June its first year like prime minister of the United Kingdom receiving in the eve a terrible present: its Labour Party as soon as it removed the 3,1% in the parliamentary elections from Henley. While the leader of the new Latin American liberalism is in his climax, surpasses 80% of popularity and wants to revert the declivity of the hard right in Norte and Sud America, the architect of the economic model of the new laborismo has become the governor more unpopular than never before he has had centroizquierda British. Because such contradictions and which are the perspective for the world? Both great allies of Bush If the British government has been the allied major of Bush in Europe, the one of Uribe it has been in Latin America. Both have been paladines in its respective continents of all the armed interventions that the USA have done in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Both, also, they have expressed political models of long reach although with different content. new laborismo (that took to Blair and Brown to the power in 1997) expressed to the wing of the world-wide social democracy which tried to bury the past socializante, Keynsian estatista and of this one to accept the model monetarist created by Thatcher, to which it only looked for to rejuvenate it with greater political-administrative decentralization and one more a more social policy. The uribismo, that has gained widely two consecutive elections from the 2002, looks for to consolidate and to extend an economic model Thatcher type but surpassing the weakness of a see-partisan system incapable to contain the guerrilla and to impose a cesarismo luck in which there is a president who concentrates much power and that uses the hard hand to defeat to longeva subversion and to take step to a system that of security and incentive to the private investments.