LDB Education

The formation of professors is a problematic one that it requires attention sufficiently, currently is a subject argued well by the fact of if dealing with educators of a society. The necessary professor to be innovating, therefore the formation of good professionals for the education if becomes an indispensable factor for a good learning. The education is one ‘ ‘ process of humanizao’ ‘ as it affirms Pepper (2010, P. 97) is a process for which the human beings are inserted in the society. Therefore the task of an educator is to make with that educating has the capacity to think and to find solutions for its problems in social way. The education and the practical professor are a form to intervine and to change the social reality. (PEPPER, 2010. P.

178). It is in this context that we intend to show as the formation of professionals of the education is being worked and supported legally. Therefore the Law of Lines of direction Bases of the Education N 9,394/96, in Heading VI, dedicate to these professionals a special attention. Where it goes to be argued the attendance to the objectives of the different levels and modalities of education. We will see that type of professional will be able to act in the basic education and the superior education. Beyond arguing the way as the professionals they must be dealt with in relation to the financial valuation and conditions work. It is intended thus, to carry through a study on the formation of the professor being had as base the articles of the LDB N 9.394/96. We will verify as the identity of a professor is formed. As the formation courses they are favorable so that this identity is always in formation, that is not a steady attitude, therefore professors needs to be innovating its way to deal with the society, a time that the same one is in constant change.