HE SAYS THAT OUR EXTINCTION occur in the third millennium FIRST DECADE OF THE CURRENT MEAN WE'RE LIVING. FOR EXAMPLE THE FACT THAT THIS Mayans predicted will occur on December 21, 2012. PREDICTS WHAT IS THAT WILL THE END OF CIVILIZATION TO THE BEGINNING OF A NEW PURIFIED. NO DOUBT THAT THE LAND IN ANY WAY necessitate a CLEAN ERADICATION cruelty, selfishness, ambition, WHICH IS A DISEASE FOR THE HUMANITY AND FOR THE LIFE OF THE PLANET. WITH THIS I am not saying I want to happen an apocalyptic event, not in any way. JUST to find a cure for all ills that man himself has created.

BEYOND THAT IF ONE OR NOT BELIEVE IN THESE PROPHECIES OF THESE DATES predicted CIVILIZATIONS AS THE END OF HUMANITY AND THE DIFFERENT WAYS YOU CAN HAPPEN. Were very wise to predict, that everything bad that produce, BOTH AS HUMAN RELATIONS IN THE WARS, individualism, greed, greed, etc.. And some of our own creation would lead to self-destruction. NO They feel that so many coincidences CIVILIZATIONS FROM DIFFERENT FROM MANY TIMES THAT PREDICTS THE SAME, THE SAME BUT WITH DIFFERENT SHADES FIN, do not you tell us something? Should not you heard? You might tell me, If this is known. But these civilizations such as the Maya had the great wisdom of ADVANCE LONG BEFORE. THE AMBITION OF THE PROFIT AND SOMETIMES so BLIND MAN, NO MATTER WHAT IS THE COST (HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL) for it. Then I leave you with my reflection But we stop pollution, and if nothing is done soon, it will be too late to take measures to slow down global warming, because it will reach such a degree warming will no longer see item return and this will only happen in the coming decades.