Managing Director

The Federation criticized the poor funding situation and inappropriate payment of support staff in schools dyslexia and dyscalculia (BVL). The school is the responsibility to teach children reading, writing, and arithmetic. If the school fails to fulfill this responsibility, leave more than 7% of all pupils of the school. The Leo-level-one study indicates that approximately 13 million adult people with a common vocabulary write failed because they were not adequately supported in the school. The funding situation in schools is still inadequate and the extracurricular funding market is constantly growing.

A large part of their parents can not afford but to finance this support and significantly increasing discrimination against children from socially weak families. Education policy therefore all-day schools are favored more and more to provide the same educational opportunities as all children. “We are very disappointed about the reports of many parents, the” complain that despite almost no qualified promotion in the schools is offered. Often it’s just a homework and assistants with an hourly rate of EUR 10 will be incorporated. In case of positive, if obtained qualified therapists in the schools, usually only an hourly rate is paid by 16 EUR, which is an absolutely unreasonable payment with the necessary qualifications’, criticized Annette Hoinghaus, Managing Director of the BVL. The BVL has established a training standard for dyslexia – and dyscalculia therapists to help children with problems in reading, spelling or calculating sustainable.

Therapists certified by the BVL, qualified building connected to a three-year training on their studies or training, in particular children with partial output errors to promote. “This very extensively trained therapists are particularly well qualified to support children with impairments in reading, spelling and arithmetic”, so Hoinghaus. Need to go new ways, retrain the existing shortage of teachers to dismantle and rebuild requirements promotion. Functioning networks must be created that absorb every child and help him to achieve a talent-oriented school.