Manuel Marquez Campos

Is discussed much about the qualities that you must have a leader, many authors argue that humility must be paramount some others do not consider it as such but on the premise that humility is the basis of the virtues, then do not need a leader virtuous?, so we can ensure that the leader should be considered a primary role to humility as the Rector of his virtues. What is the opposite of humility? because your pride, a leader can not be superb, self-worshiping, arrogant, let us remember the history and we will see many of these qualities in leaders who historically did much harm to mankind, nature and that these dates they keep coming to dealing with transcendent addresses in society, we remember with sadness as it ends, as his activity impacted negatively in the direction in charge, only debemosconsiderar these premises and be able to distinguish when we are breaking down the barriers that separate us from this type of activity. A leader with his feet on the ground see the reality of their duty, it is not blinded by power or its benefits, all this included in the virtues in their values, which must not be corrupted in eagerness to satisfy your pleasures this. As mentioned by Manuel Marquez Campos, humility is a sign of intelligence, the superb symbol of stupidity, what We require smart leaders. Humility is then smart people, people who understand the basic concept of learning every day from people who understand that the simplest of partners can give them a lesson of life, people who are aware of do not know everything, contrary to agree to continue learning and acquiring experiences of its employees and improve with this its functions you rectoras.