Mayan Calendar

Calendar is everyone is talking about the prophecies of a Mayan doomsday. The year 2012 is fast approaching and the prophecies of the Maya regarding an impending doomsday discusses violently. Drastic climate changes and natural disasters to afflict the Earth until the world falls apart on December 21, 2012. Calendar 2012 takes the records of Maya more precisely under the magnifying glass. Predicts the Maya actually 2012 end of the World calendar? Some justification is this idea, because the Maya were not a wise people. Among them were mathematicians and astronomers who were already notable observations and wrote down conclusions and predictions. To their daily lives of certain rules to submit, the Maya created a very clever calendar system, consisting of from different calendars: ceremonies and rituals were based on the Tzolkin calendar, while certain of the HAAB calendar crop and sowing. The so-called long count was the recording of historical events, as well as cosmic Calculations.

Then also the predictions for 2012 can be found under those calculations. But these relate to the winter solstice, which occurs on December 21. Therefore, the cosmic upheaval and changes appear in a different, less dramatic light. Furthermore, it is a fallacy that the Mayan 2012 end calendar. Only its numerical value is repeated on this date, which is absolutely nothing dramatic. The Maya were already forecast to periods which go far beyond the year 2012. In this sense can be countered calmly in 2012. More information about the calendar year 2012: contact: kalender-2012.NET Brockhaus road 84 04229 Leipzig