In our childhood on a subconscious level laid reverent trust of the people in white coats, and the profession is truly worthy of respect, as there are enthusiasts of the business! But now workers are often the most humane in the world occupations fall into a vicious circle – a small salary, and live on a human wants. I know a young dermato-venereal diseases, now runs an internship. He says that to get into office clinic, you need to pay a tidy sum in dollars with three or four zeros, and then, of course, a young professional will strive to get it back. And how? So they have to cooperate with the farm companies and sometimes we recommend medications that at best do not help, and at worst … . They are not to blame in this. And really respect those who do not want to work on this system.

And I know many doctors who are in always looking for truly effective treatment. And everyone is free to choose what to use to repair itself. Do not be lazy to delve and learn what you prescribed. ,, Death by prescription – sounds daunting, but this is no exaggeration, and you know it by watching the video with the same name (hair standing on end are !!!). When you buy at the pharmacy any medication. which you have registered, or if you decide to to do self-medicate and buy a miracle pill, which teem with advertisements today our television screens, and think carefully read the liner in order to understand how much risk you are putting your body and what is even more dangerous, the body of their children. Pharmacists are not advantageous to you recovered, it is advantageous that you have always used any drugs, so you decide. As they say, the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning. And now look!