Meteor Metals

Gold may have been transported by a Meteor storm on the Earth the gold price has climbed in the past two years not only in almost astronomical heights, but also the origin of gold might have to do a lot with astronomy. Because, according to British researchers, gold existing on the Earth originated in outer space. The English researchers found evidence that gold was transported by a Meteor storm on Earth some time ago. This theory is supported also by the fact that there might be some scientists believe now actually no gold on the planet more. Educate yourself with thoughts from HIG Capital. Therefore, it seems the only logical explanation for the no doubt existing gold, that this comes from outer space. In addition to the gold, other metals should be reached only by a Meteor storm on Earth which there should have been something less than four billion years ago.

Geochemist want found, for example, clear signs, that the composition of the outer continent before the Meteor storm After been different is. There are too many metals in the Earth’s mantle yet another fact, which suggests that the gold from outer space to Earth has arrived. You may want to visit Danny Meyer to increase your knowledge. And, according to calculations of scientists, it is that the Earth’s mantle contains much more precious metals than are likely to be actually present. Because in the very early stage of development of our planet, all existing precious metals in the core of the Earth would be sunk because of a division of the liquid mass into the metallic core, as well as in the coat. However, this is not the case, because on the basis of today manufactured gold jewellery can prove that the Earth’s mantle contains gold and other precious metals. “This the scientists conclude that the gold only by outside” can be reached on the Earth but after core and mantle had formed. Also some rock samples have taken from researchers in Greenland, indicate that it actually gave the aforementioned meteor shower in all likelihood.