Miguel Castle

It saw it to Mr.? It is alive really? – Not, not it vi, but vi the secretary of the husband of it and after an inquiry I discovered that it is really alive and liveing in one I besiege, the thirty kilometers daqui. – How it was it discovered that you? Gutenberg was leaned, passed the hand for the white hair and spoke pausadamente: -, Later that I hurt the left knee in a fall, never more I obtained Well to make long walked, moreover, the age, you understand Until I can walk one two kilometers, but I do not obtain to come back, therefore the knee does not support. It has a person she helps that to fulfill me some commitments it are of house, but to the times I myself I have that to go. When I was to the bank, ones fifteen a few days ago, I was signing some documents in the table of the manager, when I recognized a man who was in the line of the box. Although already to have last twenty years recognized I it I eat being Michel Jacques, secretary of the husband of Sings to sleep. Michel has a signal of nascena in the right face.

That signal of almost triangular form was inconfundvel! Immediately I asked to the manager if that man knew. Yes, it knew, was Miguel Castle. Where deferred payment? Where it works? The manager if refused to give to greaters information to me, but as I threatened to lock up my account bank clerk, it decided to confide. He said that Miguel was employed of a small farm, whose proprietor if calls Joaquina the Conceio! – Lancaster Sings to sleep! – Accurate, few people know the true name of Sing to sleep and therefore it did not look for to change of identity, as Michel made. Gutenberg made a pause and fulled the juice cups. After drinking, it continued: – I knew I sing to sleep personally, in sixty and five when I started to work in New York. Since then, I started to follow the career of it. It sings to sleep was famous, admired and loved for many, and its premature death at the time caused a great emotional impact in its fans. The repercussion imagines that goes to have when the notice announcing that it is alive will be published! – It is truth. But, why it hid itself?