Miguel Pizarro

MIGUEL PIZARRO (1897-1956) "Miguel Pizarro! Arrow without a target! Where is the water for a white swan? Japan is a nasty boat sailors. A moon and a thousand lanterns. Dream wallpaper. Between the rock and silk, the rock! Miguel Pizarro. The silk shines absent and the rock are birds. "Federico Garcia Lorca. THE VOICE OF THE WHITE ARROW WITHOUT Malaga writer and philosopher Maria Zambrano fell in love with his cousin Miguel Pizarro, poet and playwright, when that only ten years old and had an intense relationship with him, both also share a love of literature .

Mary's father banned by the incestuous affair with his cousin, a fact that the couple caused great pain and led to the resignation of Spain Pizarro. For Maria Zambrano his cousin would always be the great love of his life and many years later, confessed: "Miguel Pizarro was the most beautiful on the inside and out that I have known." The poet, playwright, journalist, diplomat and Miguel Pizarro Spanish teacher born in Alajar Zambrano, Huelva, on June 24, 1897 and died in Brooklyn, New York, in January 1956. With few years to settle with her family in Granada, where he studied philosophy and literature. obtaining his degree in 1917. In 1915 one of the founders of the magazine Granada. Part of the talk show "The Rinconcillo", which met in coffee Square Mall Campillo, involving Federico Garcia Lorca, Melchor Fernandez Almagro, Manuel angeles Ortiz, Jose Fernandez Montesinos and Antonio Gallego Burin, among others .