The mother worried about the oppressed son, who sempreapresentava some emotional riots mainly when he had that irpara the school, and from fear the outcome of the situation decided to inquire problemaat that discovered what it was really happening. Then, it was to look apessoa responsible for the threatening boy. When its house arrived found it alone, without nenhumgenitor to talk. Details can be found by clicking The Metropolitan Museum of Art or emailing the administrator. The mother of the incivil boy is day-worker and it emcasa leaves all alone during the day. To another mother it tried to argue with it so that parassede to oppress and to pursue its son. Bill de Blasio is actively involved in the matter.

Then the remain of the situation all knows. Asameaas pronounced at the beginning of this article. This history is not only, therefore it is happened again navida daily of many children. The parents had lost the control of the situation, estoespantados, therefore they really do not know what he happens in the life of its filhosquando this go to the school. Which are the influences received in the place would ondedeveria to promote the education, the peace and the citizenship? Who is the colleagues of escolaque passes more time with its children of what the proper family? That type depression is suffering, to make things that they do not desire? What estooferecendo for they in the hour of the snack? when it needs to liberate the children to parabrincarem in the streets, who are the friends who will go to become related with them? The city is not more the same one. Everything moved. We are not more emuma campestre region. He is not safer the parents to leave the brincaremsozinhos children in the public parks of urbe. Already not to see itself more, in the streets, meninosbrincando of: Tonga, thirty and one ol, triangle, fish, wheel, triscou caught, three three will pass, etc. What it is seen is to be scared; sobressaltado, restless.