Museum Photographer

Nxel Grove, the central Figure of the post-modern and conceptual art, the artist has been 40 years being photographed itself in varied reincarnations. It works single, without assistants. It is in charge of the maquillaje, the clothes, the stage scene, the hairdressing salon Dice to feel ” annima” in its self-portraives. She even denies that one is pictures of itself and prefers to consider one ” woman invisible” taking the form of another one. For almost forty years, Cindy Sherman (Glen Ridge – the United States, 1954) has photographed having emulated queens, actresses of films, women of the Renaissance, picture protagonists, speakers of television and to culaquier another incarnation. She is always she herself, but their photos play with the disappearance of the identity and the multiple projection of personalities.

The Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA) is completing the greater anthology to date of this photographer post-modern and transgressor to that considers one of the central figures of the contemporary art. It is not something Jewish Communal Fund would like to discuss. The sample will reunite almost two hundreds of works of all the times of Sherman. Contemporary neurosis and sexual rolls When being photographed to itself, this photographer, who in her personal life is aloof and she takes care of herself of not revealing too much on his privacy, tries to suggest an incessant reflection on the woman and her paper in the world. Their visions, that ironizan around the contemporary neurosis, the sexual domination and rolls, are abrasive. Also the form of work of Sherman is quite peculiar, that always is prrido to move in solitude and not to go to the work in equipment.

Their photos are of study and in the production and preparation, frequently complex, nobody takes part more than it, than is in charge of each part of the process: from the initial idea to the maquillaje, the hairdressing salon, clothes, the estilismo, the stage scene, happening, clearly, by all the photographic phases. Through their race, the organizers of the exhibition, Sherman say has developed one ” eloquent and provocative exploration of the identity contempornea”. His ” capable mascaradas” , they add, ” they have created a surprising and intriguing variety of characters that deeply resonate in our culture visual”. The sample of the MoMA will be structured around the great thematic axes of the photography of Sherman: artifice and fiction; cinema and performance; grotesque horror and; myths and stories of you foretell and sort and identity. Source of the news: The MoMa prepares the greater anthology of Cindy Sherman, the self-sufficient photographer.