My First Steps In Internet Business

In this article I will discuss some concepts that have not been played so far and that are useful to know. What is Internet? Internet is a decentralized method of interconnection of computer networks. Internet has a profound impact on work, leisure and knowledge. Thanks to the Web, millions of people have easy and immediate access to a vast and diverse amount of online information. According to Forrester Research.

In 2003, the Internet moved into trading the astronomical sum of U.S. $ 95.7 billion and is projected for 2008 will move $ 229 billion. What is Electronic Commerce? It consists mainly in the distribution, purchase, sale, marketing and provision of information for products or services online. What is Marketing? It is a management science which is responsible for efficiently deliver products or services to consumers or demographic areas. It is concerned with studying, theorizing and providing solutions on markets, customers or consumers (their needs, desires and behavior) and marketing management (or business management) of organizations.

What is Internet Marketing? It is the use of the Internet to publish and sell products and services. What is Network Marketing? Also known as multilevel marketing (network marketing, network marketing, network marketing, MLM) is a business model that is a good example of direct marketing in which a person is associated with a company as an independent or franchised and receive compensation based in the sale of products or services and other associated by that person. This is similar to franchise arrangements where royalties are paid by the operations of the franchisees and its area or region. After seeing these basic concepts you want to advise you on something, Dear Entrepreneur / a, I do not tire of say and repeat it as many times as necessary before starting an internet business. Because if you can work from home online and achieve the desired financial freedom so you can spend more time with your family. But walking is hard, you have to work and invest like a business off line, (but to a lesser extent). Why not paint it as some make you a millionaire overnight. In the course of this blog, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools necessary to start a business on the Internet, together with the leading marketers of the medium and English-speaking.