Native American

And often, these “patriots” do not know do not only world history but the history of their own country, and their own race. Why, master the curriculum by 20 percent. So, anyway, say experts in the field of education. Patriotism is used in political purposes. International policy – a relationship between the states. Consequently, the patriotism – an integral part of politics as an ideology. And what can be observed today? Performances of groups of young patriots who often no different from ordinary hooliganism. And by the way. For even more analysis, hear from NYC Mayor.

Do not they have found a more interesting classes? In the minds of “young” Russia – the navel of the world, and maybe even the universe. And all who do not recognize any out there, and Georgia various other Swedes, and even America – the enemies of all progressive mankind. Young people, if Russia had not crushed all his might at a small country, the Georgians would not even know where the best country in the world “Has saved” once enlightened all of Europe from the Mongol-Tatar yoke that allowed itself to appease and gain the Mongols and the Tatars, so that the further they do not want to go. And now Russia saves the world from terrorism. By the way words, the biased attitude to his own country – this is normal. And few people realize that we, first of all inhabitants of planet Earth. And as we cut out of their folly – so it’s only temporary. Like everything in this temporary world.

And Americans are often reminded Nashi. But their patriotism is ridiculous, because the U.S. was once the host country of the rogue from around the world. And they are not without sin – the extermination of Native American and slavery – black page of their history. But they admitted it. And trying to somehow compensate for the sins of the past. Of course, in our time of their policies are not without sin, but it is not wrong but he who does nothing. And we must bear in mind that in the U.S. administrative system is that it’s not tied to one person. And plus there are the media, both public and government of various kinds. And it makes sure that even when a large number work on the mistakes done by error correction will be required. Can not be said about Russia. After all, Russia does not understand the mind. But then what should it mean? Unlimited power on the one hand, and creepy people on the other. MY Lermontov does not stand, wrote “Farewell, unwashed Russia, a country of slaves, land of lords …”. Apparently, it’s destiny. But unenviable. And proud, too, there is nothing. But in Russia it used to be proud of and his worthless, “so we are a nation, we have the king, slaves used to be. Well, if we have not, so this is our “special”, and yet we are the first always and everywhere, have been, are and will. So we suffer ourselves for all and most of all. And the rest of the ungrateful world for some reason it does not appreciate. ” And, believe me, do not appreciate it. As for patriotism, country and state, long time to abandon these concepts and to live, not limiting themselves ideological blinders.