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Men who fought with excess weight, often had to conceal their problems. But now more and more men are willing to discuss the problem of losing weight, dieting and feelings that accompany this whole difficult process getting rid of fat. Back in 1999 Michael Hirshorn released a series of articles in which he admitted that the overweight throughout his life. The fact that while many men are shy in TV programs on weight loss to tell about his "struggle" was a common practice. Now, more and more men are talking about this issue that unites men and women speak openly, and even eloquently: the television programs, books, newspaper articles, and, of course, numerous blogs. There are special TV programs about weight loss, targeted at male audience. Five years ago, NutriSystem brand presented to the viewers cycle transmission, which, in particular, expose typically "male" products: burgers, pizza, roast beef. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Fabrizio Freda by clicking through.

At the head of this "teledvizheniya" arose such a macho, football player Dan Marino as the announcer Chris Berman, ESPN, Jason Alexander and others. It appeared the male analogue of the "Weight Watchers (Weight Watchers), which debuted in 2007. Some see these events, cultural change, addition and extension of the term "metrosexual." Representatives of mass media admit that on releasing male weight loss information product is now much easier than 5-6 years ago, because men are seriously thinking about their health, understand the problem of excess weight, and without fear of condemnation. Men are allowed to wear a few extra pounds, and they ignore all sorts of diets, even when the stomach is called, begins to droop. And this is normal! More. In the example is the story of a 30-year writer from New Orleans Race Lane, who's blog tells his life after weight loss. This is truly a hero has gone from 350 to 180 pounds, and holds this level since 2006. "After I lost weight, I felt terribly alone …

There was a lot of alienation … and generally it's so feminine theme that this embarrassing to say. " Oh, Ras – not the friends you choose. Of course, we can say that people are driven envy, prejudice, and the like as strange to see a man who will meticulously count how many carrots he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then another and talking about it. However, health care still equivalent for both sexes. Fortunately, this members understand the aforementioned club "Weight Watchers". Karen Miller-Kovach, senior fellow at the portal, said the growth was a male audience. And this is an active audience, men attend meetings of the society, share their discoveries and achievements, and feel free to do so.