New York Auction

I am constantly amazed by how careless some bidders are with their auction catalogs and what they write on them. (3) Zombies, hooks and crazy are the bane of all auction bidders. If a zombie know who you are, he / she will follow his every move. Their motto is: if that person is willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a lot, I sure can afford to spend a hundred ten. Most people knows what a sham it is.

He is someone who works for the auction house or vendor who pushes up the prices artificially bidding against him. For an item to get a good price, two or more bidders should be interested in it. Hooks are especially skilled in finding out how high they are willing to go. Fools are those who absolutely must have a lot and will bid necessary to win. The best way to deal with these three young people is to hire an agent for the offer for you.

(4) staff members are professionals who have developed skills in the bidding in the auction. A famous New York auction of stamp agent was adept at hiding their offerings that only the auctioneer and some people never knew how. Strange as it may seem, the payment of an auction agent 2.5% extra charge can save hundreds of dollars or more in the long term. For more information see Restaurateur. The zombies, hooks and madmen do not know who is the offer against them. (5) Finally, one of the greatest skills important of all is the ability to recognize when the opening of the reins. Condition and rarity are the two most important determinants of prices. The extraordinary item is always worth an additional attempt or two. A customer who was looking at my stamps in a national stamp show said: "I've been looking for this for over 40 years and has a very good copy. But I never pay more than half the catalog for anything." I wished him well. It was a record low and I hope we will still be watching if you live another 40 years. To summarize: knowledge is the key to success in the bidding for the auction. Second, develop your skills as a supplier and buyer. Then, learn to recognize people who will face on the floor of the auction. Crossing and using and agent. And finally, know when to pay a premium for the exceptional item. Many luck! John Anderson has been bidding at auction for over forty years and has bought hundreds of stamps antiques and collectibles that way. Now semi-retired stamp is a full-time writer. His first novel, The Cellini Masterpiece, was published under the pseudonym of John Raymond. Now is working hard in their second, and an auction plays an important role in the plot. If you want to contact John, or read the first chapter of the Cellini masterpiece, please go to: