New York City

A trip to New York offers many opportunities for who travels to New York, will need to be confined due to the size of the city in most cases on certain attractions or on individual parts of the city. A target might be for example Brooklyn. The travel portal reveals what is worth seeing this city district. For many, a dream may be a trip to New York. Who can look at not the whole metropolis or want just focuses on one of the neighborhoods.

The five major districts of the city of New York are called boroughs. Brooklyn is one of these boroughs and definitely worth a visit. Several originally independent villages grew together over the years to the today’s borough of Brooklyn. The district owes its name to Dutch immigrants who founded the settlement of Breukelen in 1634 after a village near the city of Utrecht. In 1898, Brooklyn is part of New York. Today are the respective characteristics of the individual quarters, where Brooklyn composed, plain to see. The districts in the North of the district was originally working-class neighborhood.

Now they boast a diverse cultural scene. The North-Western districts are interesting mainly because their baking and sandstone buildings from the 19th century. The Centre and the southern areas are heavily influenced by ethnic and architectural contrasts. More information:… service GmbH Lisa Neumann