New Yorker Elizabeth Gibson

Look into the trash – where you can find a masterpiece reporter found a woman in Manhattan painting, estimated at $ 1 million. The work will be auctioned in New York on 20 November auction house Sotheby's November 20 put on sale canvas Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo, estimated at $ 1 million. Four years ago he was found in a pile of trash on the streets of Manhattan. And twenty years ago it was stolen. Painting 'The three characters', written in 1970 Tamayo – the artist, who died in 1991 – was lying in a pile of trash and accidentally caught the attention of passing by New Yorker Elizabeth Gibson.

March morning writer, Gibson was a cup of coffee. 'I almost not leave it there – a woman confessed in an interview with The New York Times, – it was too big for my apartment. " But "something gave her the strength, 'and she took the picture home. She realized her value only after it searched the Internet and I saw on the television program about the missing works of art. She returned a picture of their rightful owners. "I know nothing about contemporary art and the frame was cheap" – she explained. The painting, stolen in 1987 belonged to a married couple from Houston, which bought it a decade earlier, at the same auction. During this time the couple moved to South America and have not received any news about the film, although offering a reward. Her husband had died, and widow, receiving back the picture, decided to sell it. For even more opinions, read materials from shimmie horn triumph. The auction will be held on November 20 in New York.