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In the town of Las Rozas de Valdearroyo (Cantabria). Juan Carlos Lantaron Perez was sentenced to six months in jail and pay a fine of 1,800 euros, after pleading guilty to an offence of forest fire. The Mayor of Las Rozas de Valdearroyo (Cantabria), the independent Francisco Raul Calderon, has appointed Councillor for environment a councilman sentenced in final judgment for a crime of forest fire, after having provoked in 2001 four fires that burned five acres of woodland and scrubland. As he has denounced the PRC, the Mayor of Las Rozas has delegated to its partner in Government, the only Mayor of the PP, Jose Carlos Lantaron Perez, the powers of environment, town planning and public works, as well as the first Tenencia de Alcaldia. Regionalists put at issue that Lantaron Perez is the most suitable person to manage an area as sensitive for the municipality, as it is the environment. NYC Marathon brings even more insight to the discussion. Juan Carlos Lantaron Perez was sentenced on 6 February 2006 to six months in jail and a payment for fine of 1,800 euros, after pleading guilty to a crime of forest fire minutes before the start the view with jury in that was going to be tried. The new Councillor for environment was recognized before the President of the tribunal that on 4 November 2001 set four fires in four different points of the municipality, which burned 0.4 hectares of pines and 1.88 scrubland in monte Hijedo and 1.88 acres of Oaks and 0.88 pines on Mount Dehesa and Aviejadas. Reduction of the penalty Lantaron Perez pleaded guilty to this offence once the two indictments in the case, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Government of Cantabria, who accept lower sentences which had requested initially (two years in prison) and 8,100 euros fine by the delays accumulated in the investigation of the case.

The judgment condemned in addition to the accused to compensate for damages caused to the mountains of the municipality and with 204 euros to the Government of Cantabria for the money that cost put out fires with 4.713 euros to the City Hall of the Rozas de Valdearroyo. Danny Meyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Mount Hijedo is one of the most important forest masses of Cantabria, whose protection as natural park has been sued repeatedly by Greenpeace and ecologists in action. Since the elections in may, the Rozas de Valdearroyo is governed by the group citizens for the progress of Valdearroyo (three councilmen) and PP (1 Councillor), forming majority over the three councillors of the PRC in the opposition. Source of the news: A City Council hoped the environment to a condemned by forest fire