Owner Goddess

In So Paulo, for example, it is known as Folia de Reis, differently northeast that is known as only Reisado. In Sergipe it is presented at any time of the year and not only in the parties of Christmas and Reis. With exception only to the period of quaresma, where January is soon carried through in the first week the burial of the ox, thus inhibiting any presentation. Coming back only to after present the period of quaresma. The reisado one has as main personages the Master, the King and the Queen (Owner of the Ball or Owner Goddess), the Foreman, the Mateus or the Cabloca, the catirina, figures and moleques. It exists in the city of Itaporanga D' Aid six groups of reisado, being that each one possesss its peculiarities, the group ' ' Children of Maria' ' , this that is formed by you append women, and you compose a religious group of the local parish, also has what she has as leader ' ' Duninho' ' , and it is characterized for having in its representations the traditional form of its personages, already the reisado one of ' ' Juarez&#039 master; ' , this that was one of the pioneers in the city in relation the cultural manifestations, and that it has sufficiently detached in the city, since this gave beginning in the decade of 40, together with its father (Jose Pine) and Small Owner, and that throughout the together years with its children and wife, they had kept alive this tradition. Currently they are part of its reisado one, its son represented in the folguedo as ' ' Cabocla' ' , and its current wife as ' ' Deusa&#039 owner; '. Having as inheriting of the tradition its son ' ' Duninho' ' , that reisado is leader of another group of, and this will after start to be the firing pin of the group the death of its father, desire this already mentioned by Mr.