Plastic Bag

, however this type of plastic, ecological plastic call , beyond being derived also dopetrleo, attacks the environment for having metals weighed in suacomposio. What it means biodegradvel? It is everything what it can be degraded> Biodegradable Products Institute and US Composting Council (USCC), that they give to the biodegradvel stamp of and compostvel to the materiaisnos United States, had not certifyd the oxi-biodegradveis. Estasinstituies oxodegradable calls this material , for consideraremque its degradation occurs exclusively for the oxidation. The material BPI and USCCcertificam according to ASTM D6400, norm that regulates materiaisbiodegradveis accepted in the whole world. Ideal a viable and considered solution is the retornvel bag, that jest being used for each time more consuming but and who to decidefazer purchases when already is in the street or it does not possess the bag retornvelem hands? Another very successful solution is the bag of paper, organic product 100%.