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Today prevention is against the purchase of new office furniture physical discomfort a priority objective, consider only the important topic of ergonomics. Last but not least also the requirements of the Professional Association are to take into account related. All of the above occur especially in the foreground when halfway plays with the economy. The economy also has some influence on the pricing structures. Generally, solid and good furniture in a middle price range is sold in the Office furniture industry since time immemorial.

In this respect it has anticipated the trend of the new Center already in this industry. On the other hand, the recently noticeable slight shift in favour of entry level is only a consequence of the current trade scene. The future belongs to the entry level classes generally what in particular also applies to the near – and pseudo-discounter, which is hard to calculate, but settle often through differentiated pricing, service Islands, and in particular extreme advertising the discount. In good times, more money is spent on Office furniture ever. For any product in the furniture industry the Trade structure has become as diverse as just for Office furniture.

This is due to the numerous fields of application, which can range from the simple working from home to the highly prestigious head office. So, the market share of individual distribution channels have shifted in recent years. The retailers in the form of PBS/BBO trade loses further market significance. Generally, half of office furniture through specialised retailers is about well distributed; extrapolating to the furniture trade focused more on private and small businessmen and the Office retailers, then 71 and 72 percent of sales are dealers. The double-digit market share of direct sales of office furniture industry is unusual for consumer markets, but rather an indication of the capital goods sector. Direct sales is favored by the new techniques. In addition, b to b in this case promotes a fast detection and a rapid response to demand. Just the new distribution channels are also in the Office furniture market is clearly on the rise. Opinions differ a bit in terms of the business object. In the longer term considered also the channel object business losses of market share had to accept. So the contract business has suffered from long time especially the shorter innovation cycles in the information communication technologies. The furniture must adapt to the developments with appropriate speed. In addition, companies often only rent their rooms and leave again after a short time. For this reason one has often waive investments in high-quality office furniture. In recent years, however, an improvement of the business of object is perceptible. More and more demand again integrated system solutions, not least also due to the increasing importance of the image factor for the end customer. The focus of the industry office furniture 2011 “IBH not only the individual segments of the Office furniture market be subjected to a detailed analysis, but also a long-term forecast for the most important sales channels by the manufacturer to the consumer creates. At IBH cooperate former marketing employee of Dr. Vossen at the BBE as a designated author team. The footprint of the press release is free of charge. Learn more about the study are available in the Internet under The study can be ordered from bbw-marketing, Liebig Street of 23, 41464 Neuss, Office furniture 2011.