Quality Culture Leadership

Increased globalization has provided the opportunity for many companies to introduce their products to countries like ours which should have caused a reaction in local companies looking for improvements in their products become more competitive, trying to hold its market and in the best case, this increase, it is here that brings into play the role of the leaders of the organization and we can see if there are elements of quality that may put a national company with anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, in Mexico we are in the process of developing a culture of quality, enabling many companies to be competitive, ensure efficiency, productivity, survival and conquest of markets, in turn the technological factor plays an important role, it should be assessed looking thus key points to facilitate the achievement of quality standards established in the organization and management of indices. To the above add a policy on the human factor, considering aspects such as: Training, development of technical and managerial skills of personnel involved in production quality. At the same time have defined the functions, work teams, if there really is communication, motivational leadership, participation, performance, recognition. The human resource factor is critical in business and if not handled properly may represent one of the biggest weaknesses and difficult to overcome and still seriously concerned that some organizations in the country. The CFE DCS we have begun to deal with entering the circle of competitive enterprises, and base their findings on leadership and its people, because without these two variants the development of the organization shows how very difficult to achieve, and then, is how the company has made available to all employees focused master's and bachelor's degrees specifically to the processes and the accomplishment of the mission and vision laid out some time ago. It is difficult because the idea is the conviction of the person, it brings people afloat with good ideas has been more efficient processes and to model for her peers with the same role of activities, likewise, the leaders have changed many of the practices that did not allow the partner to participate in decisions were made regarding the process that performs and therefore has all the knowledge of it. It's a long way to go but the important thing is that here and now began tests to all employees who wanted to integrate the South Central Division.