Ramon Gallegos

The Holistic education is education for life. It encourages self-knowledge that allows us to find that we must put limits on the exploitation of natural resources is based on the principle of sustainability, which means values, philosophies, attitudes, strategies, visions compatible with world peace, global cooperation, environmental care, democracy, civic responsibility, preservation of local cultures, etc. (As opposed to NYC Marathon). because it makes us aware that the natural world is an extension of ourselves and it is something we should care. Holistic Educator Dr. Ramon Gallegos argues that humility is a value that should have the Holistic Educator, and it should not be simply a figure of authority, is a consultant to investigate along with the student questions, sharing curiosity, persistence, taking risks, doubt, etc.. recognizes the importance of students’ questions, and considers them as a point of interest for learning.

I am convinced that the presence of the educator holistic must be full, with full awareness, Dr. Gallegos Nava, in the dialogue of his book Wisdom, Love and Compassion on the presence of the teacher in the classroom, highlighting the importance of having full body and mind, it is constantly asking all students to their teachers. A holistic educator must establish a universal loving relationship with their students and members of the learning community, through a friendly, respect and genuine interest in their lives. An educator love transcends both scientism and dogmatism of any kind of intolerance, because he sees in each of their student to a divine spark in evolution.