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The most direct route into the abyss consigns boundless speculation says the policy, that’s wrong, there are always alternatives. The alternative is the other way and it gives it. I suspect some politicians need an apparently finding no alternative, and hence no. The same is true for consultants and experts, which are included in the EU and the States in this sheer action. These people it fine and will go after the unavoidable action in still well. They do not worry about themselves and their daily bread, condition, status, and their families everything is regulated for them. It is very easy to say from a so comfortable position: “There is no alternative”.

The sheer is the name: increase in working hours without wage compensation income cuts, pension cuts, raise the retirement age, changing no climate change, cuts in education, fewer teachers, fewer police, job cuts in the private sector, and the civil servants Cuts in social and so on – and so on, increases the taxes, the tax increases and so on – and so on… When I listen to so many politicians I had always suspected that he just wants it. That was his goal and now in the European crisis brings this goal within reach on the way to achieving. The realization of these goals will be a disaster. The result is the dictatorship of speculators and a sheer politics. There is no alternative, that is bullshit, and not one whit more.

The result of these alternatives is not today but tomorrow tear the European Community – impoverished countries and people and ending in street fighting and anarchy. Greece is the proof. The way is down on a broad front now plan and we are on this path, because there is no alternative for the policy and this nonsense will have terrible consequences. What will happen if the plan becomes reality.