Ronnielle Cabral

The explosions generate> Fictions in the wall and lining. Photo: Ronnielle Cabral, 31/02/2009. Pormeio of colloquies with inhabitants and visit of field was possible to evidence algumasresidncias with alterations in its structure deriving of the process deterraplanagem. ‘ ‘ The explosions are very strong. The soil, doors and lining trememviolentamente.’ ‘ (Deposition Mrs. Josefa Bernardino Da Silva, 2009). Fatoreseconmicos was possible to only collect that 8% of the moradoresesto employed directly> with the objective to minimize the generation departculas emitted, the ways of access to the place of the workmanships is umedecidasatravs of car-pipes, however its activity was only evidenced nosprimeiros months, ceasing since then.

Also the traffic of vehicles and heavy machines was possible to evidence ausnciade signalling plates indicating ato entorno of the month of March of the decurrent year. Oprogressivo consumes of the floor (asphalt) that it binds the quarter to the center of the city foiacentuado with the increase of the flow of> in relation to the traffic of pedestrians, only 4% dosmoradores if had shown worried in relation the accidents of that envolvamcrianas, vehicles and trains; 28% had not been disclosed. To the side of the line frreaa less of 160m exists a stadium of futebolque places diverse events and all attracts innumerable people during the year. Agricultural zone Fatoresscio-cultural was dismissed a nacategoria pertaining to school unit of called day-care center, C.E.I. Raymond Gonalves de Sousa.

Estaassistia the local children, however was plus an obstacle that hindered passagemda railway. According to living, this was> for the implantation of the project was necessary aterrarum particular dam directed toward bovine maintenance that was devidamenteindenizado. Some inhabitants believe that with the terraplanagem he has the accumulation degua in determined points being able to harm adjacent lands that osutilizam for diverse ends. Qualidadede life 48% complains of the marginality index that if elevouaps the beginning of the workmanships, justifies that the terraplanagem process generates abrigopropcio for delinquents if to occult, to commit roberies and use of drugs.