Royal Palace

Nevertheless, the Stockholm Old Town of course give 100 points ahead of Helsinki, Oslo and a similar new building north. At the end of the tour saw the changing of the guard at Royal Palace – the ceremony actually worked through and it looks very atmospheric and the old regime, after which the prize sat with Sasha in a coffee shop in the basement of a medieval house – they say that it is doing there best in town chocolate. Chocolate was really good. In the evening stroll around the city themselves, went to a restaurant gondola next to our hotel – restaurant is suspended from the bottom to lift the famous Catherine and enough high-class. Ate there a traditional Swedish dish – syrosolenuyu salmon under different sauces and cheese. Published for two of about 100 euros with wine. The next day we had planned to visit open-air museum Skansen and the children's museum Junibacken. It was fantastic! Our fine all the time shrieking with delight, the first in Yunibakene, then at Skansen. First – it's as animated world of fairy tales by Astrid Lindgren (which, incidentally, was a Swede), home of Pippi Long Stocking-, Karlsson on the roof, and so on. Honestly speaking, I got no less pleasure from the museum, maybe because I still remember the Soviet cartoons tales of Lindgren Skansen – is a huge encyclopedia of Norse life in full-scale, there collected more than half hundreds of homes, entire city blocks from the 18th century, museum staff are working in the bakery, baking bread on old technologies, which can be right there to try.