SafeTool Makes Safe Robots

CSP provides for risk reduction in human machine interaction and helps industries at the same time fulfilling their documentation duties Grosskollnbach, 08.12.2009. They are safe, assist and cooperate with industrial robots can occur nevertheless despite new technologies to errors in the interaction between man and machine. The new software SafeTool from the product family RoboMap now minimizes this risk in the production. The solution of CSP GmbH & co. KG a used to prevent incorrect configurations of industrial robots.

She reads two configuration levels and indicates differences therein. At the same time, the application conveniently supports an activity perceived as annoying. It can be used automatically to generate inspection reports, which are already mandatory in many parts of the industry due to legal requirements. Interested parties can obtain the software as a trial version on the Internet at Allow safe robot, the latest generation of industrial robots, Human and machine interaction, as it has not so far known it.

Close cooperation without mechanical protective barriers but also risks if the boundaries of the Mountaineer to cross over for the robot are not correctly adjusted. To achieve maximum safety here, SafeTool provides comprehensive evaluations: all configuration parameters are visualized so that maintenance personnel can easily verify the relevant parameters. Also compares SafeTool two configuration levels and turns out the differences clearly. It prevents so that a user will accidentally incorrect values. SafeTool is an indispensable piece in the mosaic to comply with applicable safety standards with the use of machines. Therefore, a southern German automobile manufacturers already deploys the application in all assembly plants and thus provides more safety in the workplace. Who the standards DIN EN ISO 10218-1 and EN954-1 must comply, can generate with the help of SafeTool test protocols. That are currently configured values listed, for example, whether the robot when not carried out adjustment referencing should stop.