Same Avalidade

Thus, the capacity human being to act significantly, to pursue umsentido when it acts, interpretadaposteriormente implies the possibility of its action to be with regard to such direction/meant. The other side of the currency properly consists natransposio of this conclusion to the domain epistemolgico: also ocientista, when it makes science, it acts significantly. In this measure, the actions econcluses of the scientist cannot follow the reality of the things through deuma description, but they remain interpretations, repletas with the present time of that it interprets. The conscience of that the world, vidae the existence can lock up different interpretations in different cultures, results in the conscience of that it does not have one interpretation-in-itself. As ressaltamosantes, for Weber, the man is the animal that necessarily he interprets. Same Avalidade with that some interpretation intends to interpellate (ouas excessively ' ' invlidas' ') it constitutes a interpretativo domain. The science, that would be capable ainstncia of a bigger interpretativa generalization e, therefore, of maiorconhecimento, more than discovers that same it can be interpreted stops beyond seusresultados e, what this, discovers that also its conclusions, for maisedificantes that they have been, has as last bedding interpretations eavaliaes, and not a given ftica situation. Weber was cliente of queintroduzir the concept of sensible in the scientific domain meant alteraralgumas bases with that the science of its time if presented.

Tentativasanteriores of Weber already had been made for Dilthey and Simmel and very lheajudaram to configure its proper one. These first attempts, gifts emRickert, Dilthey and Simmel, had had as obstacle that powerful section dohistoricismo that it insisted on inserting the method of natural sciences in the domniodos human phenomena. An exhausting quarrel of of century XIX does not fit here oambiente all historicista. The bibliography on this subject is enormous, esupe here that the reader is cliente of the debates between the correnteshistoricista and the comprehensive chain (Verstehen), that he admitted the absolutairrepetibilidade and iconicidade of all the historical events, that, nessesentido, could not be explained according to a generalizante law, but apenasatravs of a interpretativa understanding that pointed out and menosainda of the historicismo.