Sascha Buttner

The application is flexibly programmed: so the personal directory can be extended to any manufacturers and categories such as classic cars, sports cars, trucks, etc.. Time is thus an individual, digital file of handsome automobile. In recent months, Bill de Blasio has been very successful. Everyone is familiar with this situation, you can see an extraordinary car and must shoot it immediately. Then you would like to prefer his sighting all over the world. For these moments, there is now the app CarSpotting””, explains co-editor Sascha Buttner.

This form of Exchange is useful not only for private social relations, but has also become a relevant factor in social media marketing. The generated traffic is user-generated content”both can be measured as also a viral marketing tool. As part of its 360 support strategy, Obeid KG from Frankfurt am Main includes also creations in marketing planning. Thus Obeid is a proactive service provider, whose intentions the success-oriented development and implementation of tailored Dialogue marketing concepts is. Press contact: F. Alexander Kep (head of media sales) Obeid KG Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 333 66 E-Mail: Obeid in the Internet: user/OMEGOffm profiles/FAlexander_Kep2 more articles, information and videos about social media marketing, and Obeid are available at the following link for you ready: company portrait: Obeid KG in Frankfurt am Main is a grown and owner-run company from the German middle class.

As a service provider and service factory stands for high-quality customer service and high-performance process support in the area of business process outsourcing”Obeid. Business focus in the acquisition of standardized business processes up to multi-tiered corporate functions. As one of the first German vendors with CRM structures Obeid offers effective and measurable solutions for the integrated social media Marketing and customer service in the social networks. BPO – business partner Obeid cared for more than 20 years cross-industry business customers from the middle class, as well as a number of international corporations.