Satellite TV

Satellite television to charged great important compared to other forms of television as cable TV, because satellite television can reach any part of the planet without wires, this to facilitated things to rural populations.The way it works satellite television is as follows: any program is transmitted to the satellite and this relayed again to the Earth where there is a station of reception this reception can be individual as in households or may be a reception to relay the signal to another part.For this signal is received by the satellite, this must be in geostationary orbit is to say; the satellite must be at a given point on the planet but without displacing any part, this satellite must be at a height approximate 35.900 kilometers over the equator.The first satellites that existed could transmit up to 12 simultaneous channels, but today you can enjoy thousands of channels with a dramatic increase in images and sound to difference of cable television.The signals are transmitted from a satellite can be modified so that they can be received by those who are not authorized to do so. This procedure is called signal encryption, and consists of taking a normal signal comprised of audio and video and mixed, so the television signal satellite lost its excellent quality and therefore also all its value.Through satellite signals we can also enjoy games of video, Internet, communications etc. Read more here: NYC Mayor. The satellite television signal is already digitized, this means is converted to the computer language or the language of ones and zeros, this mechanism allows greater transmission capacity than analog television, which is what we commonly know.The digitization of television is causing great commotion before the companies that dominated the market for analog television. In each household or company wishing to enjoy television satellite, they must install an encoder or converter to receive digital signal in an ordinary, TV logically encrypted signal will not have the same quality of image and sound than the original, so you don’t have this problem is better to buy a TV that is already designed to receive this type of signal. Satellite television allows an active communication between the viewer and the signal of digital television that is what is called interactive television.This interactivity gives the user many advantages: for example you can request a special at given time film, you can activate reminders of favorite programs, you can select only the favorite channels and skip through them, you can block channels that only can be displayed using a code.