Save Time

And it’s true, RSS can help you save time and money – both look a bit later, first find out what it is all RSS? RSS – a format that describes the site’s content, without affecting the design and structure. As a result, use of data in RSS-format, first the user gets access to the news media, and secondly, website owners can share information. Posts in RSS is a news and headline a few words (sentences) of the text, as well as a link, clicking on which you can read the full text of exported news. The RSS format helped to solve the problem, previously inaccessible. For example, using RSS-technology can be placed on your page headlines from other sites.

The advantage of using RSS-technology news reader is also relatively little traffic, because when reading the news in RSS export only title, first few words of news and link to it. If this news is interesting, it can be read more by clicking on the link – if not, skip it. This format also allows you to avoid viruses – in a text view, Kojima and format is RSS, the virus is simply nowhere to stay. Read RSS, on specialized sites, with special programs, called aggregators yet, or online services to read RSS. RSS news is also called RSS-feeds, or RSS-feeds. I think you already understand how RSS can help us save time and money. If you say you are in zakladachkah 20 blogs, then to look in the manual, so to say old-fashioned way, whether there are updates – you’ll have to open all 20 blogs and see them for updates. Do you need it?.

Not only is the lost time and money – the traffic that’s not rizinovy (unless you’re on anlim). That evening I sat down at the computer and the operator I immediately issued a message – in this blog is a new article with such a name. Beauty, I went to the right blog and read it and I do not need to climb on all your favorites – as I know – no updates on them! So the RSS – a very useful thing, in future articles on this topic, we’ll talk about how to create your own RSS feed, how to add RSS feeds of blogs to which you wish to subscribe. And also about the other talk. Maybe you are looking for ‘> make money on the network – can and talk about it .