Sigmund Freud

Based in the theories of the psychoanalysis in Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and of Joseph Nuttin (1909-1988), Mohana Joo (1925-1995) approaches three levels of impulses of the ID: ‘ ‘ Daily we carry through acts that if point out in the psico-biological level of our life; acts that if point out in the psico-social level; acts that if point out in the level psico-spiritual. In these three levels of our life the impulse of global development if expands and there it unchains our behavior. … In the psico-biological level we have two impulses: the impulse of auto-conservation and the sexual impulse. … In the psico-social level of our life we have two impulses: the impulse of sociability and the impulse of auto-affirmation.

… In the level psico-spiritual … also two impulses if reveals: the impulse of cogitao of the direction of the existence (that Victor Frankl calls significao will) and the impulse of auto-transcedncia’ ‘. (1968, p.16-18). BRAGHIROLLI (2001, p.91), based in Arago and Edwards, presents three categories of reasons: ) Physiological necessities or reasons of survival; B) Necessities of interaction with other people or social reasons; C) reasons of ability of the Ego.

Searching a contribution of Psychology Humanist, better to understand the motivation, we find it na Hierarchy of necessity human beings, formulated for Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). For Maslow it in sequence has five levels of necessities whose first they are fundamental and immediate, following decreasing of urgency until finishes, are they: (1) physiological: food, water, air, sleep and sex; (2) of guarantee: security, stability, order, protection and release of the fear and the anxiety; (3) of relevancy and love; (4) of esteem of the others and itself exactly; (5) and of auto-accomplishment. Given the displayed one, the motivation if constitutes as factor essential to guarantee the existence, over all human being in the ways, natural and social, therefore the importance or level of devotion that the person human being attributes any another existing person, action or thing in this way, is consequncias of its motivation, that can be beyond individual, social, mesclando it the too much processes of its behavior.