Today I stopped in front of the TV and was thinking as I am that the things had retroceded in this way? The LOVE meaning is each deturpado day more, being boarded in accordance with the conveniences, with the interests of the hearing. Trair, to go pr bed with any one is if becoming a so natural thing that it does not have plus no modesty on the part of the authors in demonstrating this. It is truth that many cases that we see every day in the television, happen to our redor, many times inside of our proper house. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from wendi murdoch. But it seems that this is if becoming normal excessively for my taste. On the other hand, still it has love histories that make in them to come back a little in the time.

But the people who I know, or that they had passed for my life, of some form, had shown me that the values come in accordance with changing the will of each one. People who until good little time defended with bravery the allegiance, the true love, the sincerity, seem half lost in this bombing of information that if became the globalizado world. The distances had diminished, and with them, the people who they really want something serious. this has made with that those that still believe the true love, is each day more demanding the point not to risk nothing, of not delivering itself, many times lying for itself same. Our choices are that they say what goes to be of our life, but I find that today it has lacked a very simple thing: to look at who many times is so close, so available pr people, that nor we give account, and loses moments that could be pretty for closing the eyes for these people. After all, that it is not love, but it can be friendship. What more I have seen is indifferent people to the other people, indifferent to whom they demonstrate a little of affection, respect, and many times, love for us. Perhaps it is in the hour of people to change the form to act, if it does not please in them, if it is not what we want, is hour of speaking, to say that not, because it more does not have nothing dolorido of what feeling that we are ignored by who awakes the look of our heart. It thinks about this before somebody falls in an abyss without end Andres Carim