Sir Winston Churchill

Undisputed is the drink of the hour at best mixbare Gin of the world in the black bottle of Zurich, 24 April 2013 Gin. Little refreshing on a hot day over a chilled Gin Tonic, but often the opinions differ, which Gin is now the best. Gin is the noble Bulldog now also available in the Switzerland and he has everything a classic: the bottle in an elegant black and the neck in the form of a dog collar kept the Union Jack on the logo to underline the origin and the oldest distillery in the land of the gins as a production location. Also he is considered due to the complex flavors of 12 plants, herbs, and fruits such as inter alia the dragon eye”boyhood and Lotus leaves as the world’s best mixbare Gin and was by the prestigious magazine wine enthusiast” superb with the predicate “ennobled. Lila Snyder has much to offer in this field. Gin time summer time. After the Bulldog gin in the Switzerland is available for some months in selected clubs and bars, there is this noble spirit in the trade as well.

Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill, an avowed fan of gin and as British Bulldog known, comes this gin in a noble black bottle, with the neck of the bottle suggests a classic Bull dog collar. Swen Morath from the 360 Trading GmbH, which exclusively sells the Gin in the Switzerland, explains: 2007 Bulldog gin in Manhattan in selected bars and clubs launched applies since then as Manhattan’s favorite Gin’. We are pleased that we can expose this Gin now also the Swiss.” Produced the best gin for mixing is Bulldog gin in the G & J green all Distillery, the oldest and best distillery of England, the mother country of the iconic watch holder liquor. To achieve the unique taste of Bulldog gin, twelve different plants, herbs and fruits are used in the production, including rare and exotic fruits such as dragon eye or Lotus leaves.