Spanish New York

Ah, Benidorm! Until a few decades ago there was a Mediterranean desert landscape. Bill de Blasio shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Today, this city many call the capital of Europe! Spanish New York. With a multitude of skyscrapers, lined up on the first line! The city where not even sleep at night in the cold winter evenings! City, where hundreds of hotels, where the most beautiful wild beaches! I remember I was in love with a young man from Amsterdam. I invited him to her, saying that I live in Benidorm! He was thrilled! He so wanted to go to my apartment with sea views! He so wanted to have panoramic windows, which could be seen as the palm of blue sea and white private yacht! He was excited at the thought swimming pool at night in private on 22 floor of a skyscraper! All this time I thought, but it helped me, who knew more bad Spanish and English together, in my loneliness, in a fit of daring souls escaped from the dungeons homophobic Moscow. Cozy bar in Benidorm.

Or, I drove as fast, or someone joked at me. He ordered coffee and a fresco, and enjoying the peace and pictures of beautiful dark-skinned guys on the walls, little nervously waited. The few visitors to my not paying attention. “I’ll find out if I did?” – I thought, and that thought my whole body was covered crawl. “Beauty” – thought the few who was at the bar. I recognized him immediately.

Same a boyish innocent look, the same strong-willed cheekbones! But the body? Above it obviously worked the master! Muscles bulged and Tees from cotton. He immediately approached me. Stas. We chatted for a long time, glad to meet in a free land! He avidly told the terrible story of the ugly duckling, who was forced to seek his fortune in Spain.