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Greenhouses for the gold fund of gifted people have to build on the principle of “money in the morning – evening chairs” The last time we stayed at the feasibility of creating a “greenhouse” for talented songwriters and music to educate, develop, promote and promotion of these gifted people who are our “golden fund”, a national treasure. But how to do this in practice? And is it worth candle? Finally, where take “money in the morning” to get “the evening chairs, and be sure” money in advance? Express your opinion, which, unfortunately, on the basis of our reality does not coincide with the vision of the power .Sozdat schools or courses of development for training and development of talented young people at the highest urovneSozdanie “greenhouses” for talented songwriters and music does not mean that necessarily all the talents needed to collect the same time and in one place. One – two places appropriate to establish a school or course of development for talented young people, wherever it was possible at the highest level to teach budding children on a rolling basis, or on a permanent basis.

For recognized talents of “greenhouse” needed for producing, promoutinga them as songwriters and adults recognized the same talent functions “greenhouse” should be the effective material and moral assistance, assistance in bringing their works to a high condition and to the mass audience, for example, in the provision of time on radio and television stations, places for public sites, producing, promoutinge them as songwriters and music, and other similar meropriyatiyah.Sozdavat these “greenhouse” should, first of all state agencies to create these “greenhouse” should, first of all, government agencies, strategic objective which is the progress of the state as a whole, including and especially the progress of arts, science, music as the foundation of well-being of society..